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New Products, Photos, and Info

Thank you for your interest in Flex Chrome.

This product is a result of our using the O.E. replacement parts we manufacture on our own Hot Rods. Auto-Tech Plastics is primarily a manufacturer of automotive replacement trim and moldings (since 1989), and we have our own “skunk works” where we do product development and work on our street rods and projects.

We started to use our extruded plastic flexible chrome trim to supplement or replace non-existent, badly damaged, and seriously expensive stainless and chrome trim. At first it was just to replace missing original pieces, and the fact they were non-O.E. replacements went un-noticed, as it should be. When we went all-out on a ’38 Ford and trimmed out the grill and hood vents (parts that never had, but we felt should have had chrome trim), it got attention! Originally intended only for our personal amusement, when our rodder buddies came around they wanted to know who did all the custom chrome!

It soon became obvious we had something other rodders could use. It also led to the development of our PT Woody product line.You can see these products by clicking on the PT Woody Products icon or visiting

Please don’t misunderstand. Few things are more impressive than custom fabricated chrome plated brass trim or restored-to-perfection stainless on a $250,000.00 rod, custom, or stocker. This isn’t a replacement for that kind of commitment. But, for a cost effective alternative that few will realize isn’t O.E. or custom made, this is the answer.

Click on the Rod & Custom icon to see some sample installations.

The photos of our sample boards will give you an idea of the flexibility of these products. On the other pages of this site we will explain in further detail the products, possible applications, and examples of how we and some of our friends have used them.